Asahi Kohsan Group
Working Towards & Service Industry
that Provides Functional Engineering.
Asahi Kohsan Group
Working Towards & Service Industry
that Provides Functional Engineering.

Solution Center

A total service solution center for various types of industrial equipment, process, analytical instruments, IT and instrumentation.

The Asahi Kohsan Group has established the Solution Center to be a distribution center for technologies and techniques based on our experience and know-how that have been built up over many years, so that our customers can turn to us for assistance whenever necessary.

  • A service solution utilizing focused technologies and techniques of the Asahi Kohsan Group to satisfy our customers.
  • A total solution based on heating, cooling, anti-corrosion and pipe lining technologies.
  • Extensive and prompt service that takes advantage of the group network of 75 domestic and overseas stations.
  • Around-the-clock on-call service
  • Contract-based maintenance undertaken by a range of skilled technical staff with extensive experience.
  • Establishment of traceability complied with national measurement standards using standard testing equipment.
  • Construction of an optimal system based on control, monitoring and measurement.
  • From equipment assembly by working together with the Techno Park (machining centers, precision sheet metal processing plants, vacuum equipment plants and scientific instrument plants), to send-back maintenance service, and incoming inspection of products from overseas.
  • Acquisition of various certifications including ISO-9001 and ISO-14001.
  • Achievements and establishment of reliability of safety, quality, confidentiality and cost reduction systems accumulated through our plant maintenance technology.


Solution Center (Front Entrance)
Solution Center (Service entrance)

Main business

Engineering related

  • A plant engineering solution based mainly on electrical instrumentation control technology.
  • Design and production/installation of utility equipment for liquid crystal semiconductor plants [gases, highly-pure chemicals, and ultra-pure water].
  • Design and production of various types of control panels.
  • Development support and production of plants, packaging devices and automation equipment.
  • From equipment selection to system construction and on-site installation of blending and other devices.

Related to equipment assembly, manufacturing and maintenance.

  • Scientific instruments, clinical diagnostic instruments, semiconductor related equipment, process analytic meter, and other inspection devices.
  • Production support, assembly and incoming inspection of any type of equipment in Japan or from overseas.
  • Substitutional send-back maintenance service and parts center.

Access guide to the Solution Center

TEL: +81-438-60-8610 FAX: +81-438-60-7602